Monday, February 2, 2009

Who is Barack Obama?

Any soul who is willing to show up at this time in history and take responsibility for heralding in a whole new paradigm is an exceptional spirit indeed. So who is Barack Obama, what is his mission, why is he here now, and who was he in the past? As we have mentioned in earlier newsletters, Obama is a 7th level mature Priest with a Scholar essence twin in a King casting position. Priests tend to be ungrounded, however, Obama’s Scholar ET anchors the inspirational Priest energy with facts and structure. In fact, Obama’s essence has great passion for the data that he uses to inspire others.
Priests are natural leaders who are meant to inspire humanity to grow and evolve spiritually. As younger souls, Priests tend to carry out massive karmas, such as Hitler, who was a baby soul. These younger Priests tend to use their inspirational qualities to control the masses destructively.
As Priests grow in soul age, they mellow and create a higher octave of inspirational support. Princess Diana was a 2nd level mature Priest who inspired the world with her desire to help HIV patients and stop the use of landmines. Older soul Priests are beyond using their powers to karmically control others. The challenge Old Priests have is an expectation by people to save them, especially from their self-created problems. It goes something like, “Help me, Obama-wan, your our only hope.” Obama doesn’t allow this projected expectation, and instead makes reference for the need for everyone to take responsibility and do their part to make our current situation better.

Hawaiian born, Obama carries within his soul the “Spirit of Aloha.” While the word “aloha” is used for saying “hello” and “goodbye” and as an expression of love, it really describes a deep spiritual belief of the Hawaiian people. David Bray, a famous teacher and author of Hawaiian beliefs, interprets the Spirit of Aloha as, “Come forward, be in unity and harmony with your real self, God, and mankind. Be honest, truthful, patient, kind to all life forms, and humble.” This is something Obama demonstrates in all areas of his life.

Obama’s current life platform is Justice/Fairness/Equity. A platform is a principal that an essence chooses in a lifetime, which becomes the oundation of the life purpose. His declaration of fairness and justice for the middle class, his emphatic decree there will be no torture, his assertion that due process will be followed all reflect his platform. The Constitution of the U.S. is based on this same platform, which is why Obama’s spirit was attracted to becoming a Constitutional lawyer. Part of his current mission is to protect the Constitution from being eroded away.

People often ask if Obama was Abraham Lincoln since he refers to him repeatedly. We believe Lincoln was a 7th level old Sage, not a Priest. However, Obama was in a body at the time Lincoln lived, and even knew him and was considered Lincoln’s conscious because he initially criticized Lincoln for his views on slavery. That person was Frederick Douglass. Lincoln and Douglass shared the same Fairness platform in that life.
Douglass was born a slave, escaped to the North where he championed civil and women’s rights, and worked to abolish slavery. Even though it was illegal for slaves to be educated, he spent time with the slave owners’ kids and learned how to read and write. (His Scholar side!) The Equal Rights Party nominated Douglass as the Vice Presidential candidate along with Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for President. Douglass was considered a powerful orator and inspired nations and politicians with his speeches.

Obama’s current life is a completion of what he started then, which is common for souls to have a succession of lives to complete grand projects. Douglass was the first African-American to be invited to the White House as a guest, and Obama becomes the first African-American to become President of the U.S. Obama’s mission as a soul to break through the barriers of inequality for people with color in America is finally complete.

Another major past life for Obama was as Constantine I. Constantine I is attributed with the unification of the Roman Empire. He also became the first Roman Emperor to become a Christian, and under his rule stopped the persecution of Christians, allowing them to practice their religion and even restoring their property after it was confiscated. He was said to have felt responsible to God for the spiritual wellbeing of his people, leaving the Church in charge of how it was to be carried out.

Obama was a ruthless young soul in that life and created considerable karma during his military campaigns and as a leader. In that life, Obama demonstrated his natural ability to unite people, and he is currently putting those skills to use in unifying the globe, as much as humanly possible, as we go through this powerful shift in consciousness. He is also paying karma back to many people around the world by his international policies. We believe that his essence is looking to move to 1st level old by the end of this life.

These two past lives are foundational for Obama’s current mission. His essence is uniquely designed is to show up at various times in history to create equality and unification, moving humanity to the next level. Being part black, part white, a Christian with a Muslim background, Obama can have a unifying effect on nationally and internationally. Someone has to do it, and Priests are the powerhouses that can advance us forward.
Check with this Blog later for information about Michele Obama and her relationship with Barack.

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